Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not So Elevated Burgers

Elevation Burgers

There is a new burger place in weird town and it fits right in. I mean naming a burger place “Elevation Burger” is pretty weird. I mean what exactly does that mean? In Austin we call our burger joints real names like Huts, Dirty Martin’s, or BB’s (OK, BB’s is in Georgetown, but that’s where I live and BB’s serves a really tasty burger so give me a break.). We want our burgers to be juicy (read greasy) and the buns toasted.

Sadly, the best thing about the burgers served at Elevation Burgers is the cheddar cheese, but unfortunately the cheese on my burger wasn’t even close to being melted. I ordered the basic, and at Elevation that’s a single ¼ pound patty cooked to the point of dryness, and served on a bun so cold it seems stale. All will be nicely wrapped to keep in the juices – too bad there won’t be any. You may of course order nearly as many patties as you wish, but if they are all as dry as mine it won’t be pleasant.

Now the good: The fries are the shoe string type, fried in olive oil and very tasty. The trimmings include most anything you can think of, and some you won’t. Service is fast and the staff very friendly.

Elevation offers a side of mandarin oranges, not to mention a vegan burger – now that is weird.

Elevation is located at 2525 Anderson Lane in case you want to give it a try. Of course IMO your time will be better spent driving to GT and going to BB’s, Monument Café or the Rattlesnake Inn – all have a burger that is miles above the ones served at Elevation Burger.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Carmine's on Williams

The wife and I ate at Carmine’s Italian restaurant on Williams Ave. in Georgetown, on Thursday early evening. We had received mixed reviews from neighbors (One thought it good but dirty, and the other said it was lousy, but clean - go figure.) and we are more than a little curious.

When we arrived the place looked neat, clean and we both thought the décor attractive. A server appeared at our table immediately to take our beverage order. It’s a BYOB place so if you want wine you have to bring it.

My wife ordered the cheese ravioli with their tomato sauce, and that came with spaghetti . I ordered meatballs and spaghetti with the marinara. A small side salad came with both orders.

After we ordered we were served small warm rolls that appeared to have been baked on site, and were nicely seasoned with herbs. Why we got three of them when there were two of us I don’t have a clue.

The side salad was rather nondescript and consisted of one small slice of tomato and a hand full of ice berg lettuce. The lettuce was cold and the vinaigrette was chilled.

My wife’s cheese ravioli were very, very good. Their pasta envelope was silky smooth, and the smooth filling was terrific. We both agreed that they were worth ordering again. The tomato sauce was thick and perfect for the spaghetti cooked aldenti. Her order included six rather large ravioli and I am not sure why they were served on spaghetti .

My meatballs were reasonably light and had a nice beef and herb flavor. My pasta was likewise cooked aldenti and the marinara was rich and flavorful.

We were offered some sort of grated cheese in a glass shaker to sprinkle on the pasta if desired. Might have been Parmesan, who knows?

Carmine’s prices are very reasonable. As a matter of fact compared to Tony & Luigi's Italian Restaurant (Also in Georgetown - see earlier posting.) Carmine’s are a real bargain. Although, I must say that T and L's offered Parmesan grated from a slice.

Here's hoping Carmine's pizza is as good as their ravioli.