Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Hullabaloo

If you want to enjoy one of the best Italian sausage sandwiches on either side of the Passaic River* go to the Hullabaloo Diner in Wellborn, Texas (about four miles east of College Station). Of course the Hullabaloo’s menu has lots of choices but speaking from experience if you choose the Italian sausage sandwich you will not be disappointed.

The folks at the Hullabaloo import their Italian sausage from Chicago and well seasoned with spices such as fennel, oregano, garlic, crushed anise seeds, red pepper flakes and sugar it is terrific.

The sausage in my sandwich is grilled to perfection, sliced lengthwise and nestled on a toasted roll, covered with slices of melted provolone cheese, grilled caramelized onion and roasted green bell pepper. I had to force myself to take a moment to enjoy the mouth-watering aroma before taking a bite.

The crunch of the toasted roll, together with the sweetness of the sausage with its collection of Italian spices, followed by the heat of crushed red pepper is delightfully delicious.

So flavorful is the combination of the sausage, cheese, onions and bell pepper that no mustard or other condiments are required; although, a small cup of marinara sauce is thoughtfully provided for dipping.

Go to to check out the complete menu. You can also watch the video of Guy Fieri's visit to the Hullabaloo.

* The Passaic River is located in lovely New Jersey and has the second largest water fall, by volume, in the United States. Didn't know that did you?

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Chance said...

AWESOME! I worked for Rich (owner and chef) for about 3 years at another restaurant of his. This is great news that Hullabaloo has been so successful. Thanks for the great review and even better news.