Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pei Wei an Asian Diner

If you live in or near Georgetown, Texas, and enjoy pan-Asian food you will be pleased to learn that a Pei Wei has recently opened for business in Round Rock. It is located on University Ave. behind the Mimi’s Café.

Interestingly, Pei Wei is owned by PFChang, a chain of larger pan Asian restaurants. Pei Wei has much more of a fast food style compared to the formal dining experience at PFChang. Other differences include PFChang having a more sophisticated menu and being more expensive.

Introduced to Pei Wei about ten years ago, by our son and daughter-in-law, my wife and I have eaten at their locations in Dallas and Austin, and have never been disappointed. We are delighted to have a Pei Wei close to our home.

A favorite starter of ours is their Chicken Lettuce Wrap. Consisting of warm diced chicken and water chestnuts in a slightly sweetened, savory sauce, that when spooned onto the crisp cold leaves of iceberg lettuce, makes a light, tasty appetizer.

Favorite entrees include Thai Dynamite, Mandarin Kung Pao, and Thai Coconut Curry. Each uniquely seasoned entrée is unlike any other dish. They also offer a selection of Rice & Noodle Bowls, and Pan Asian salads.

With most entrees after you make a selection from a relatively long list, you then decide on your protein - chicken, beef or shrimp. Vegetables, tofu or vegetables and tofu may be added. Nearly all are served with rice, white or fried. In my opinion the white rice is a good selection because it complements rather than competes.

While Pei Wei’s décor and lighting create a very warm and comfortable ambiance, the high noise level is unfortunate. We were recently there with friends and found it very difficult to have a conversation.

We look forward to going there often.


RoadFoodMaven said...

Pei Wei is a terric place to eat.

Mommy said...

Dad...they offer white or BROWN rice, not fried. They may have fried rice on the menu, not sure, but the choice is white or brown and I always select brown, a nice chewy texture.

just a girl... said...

i am so glad this place is now open.

just a girl... said...

I am interested to see your take on Mama Fu's. I can't believe I am saying this. But I think it's better than Pei Wei.