Monday, October 27, 2008

A Nearly Upscale Restaurant in Georgetown

Tony & Luigi's Italian Restaurant

Last night my wife and I went to Tony & Luigi’s moderately priced mostly Italian restaurant.

The restaurant was busy when we arrived about 6:00 PM, but not so much that we had to wait for a table. The service could not have been better. Our server showed up right after we sat down, and two very large rolls, obviously baked at the restaurant, were brought to our table soon after. The menu was concise, presenting a very reasonable list of choices.

I ordered spaghetti and meat balls with the chunky marinara. Hey, remember I’m a road food guy, so give me a break. My wife selected the not very Italian goulash. We also ordered side salads and a tiramisu, to be shared, for dessert.

My wife’s goulash, consisting of chunks of tender beef served on a bed of flat noodles - sort of a narrow version of tagliatelle, was nicely seasoned, and very nice.

Sadly, my spaghetti was more over cooked then aldenti. The chunky marinara was more pieces of tomato then a sauce, and had chunks of carrot large enough to be eaten with my fingers. At first the pasta was easy to eat, and I could twirl a nice amount on my fork, but after about five minutes the pasta nearly congealed into a single chunk.

Ah, but the meat balls were absolutely delicious, and there were three of them. Each, with an impossibly thin crust around a light and fluffy center, was perfectly cooked, wonderfully seasoned with oregano, sage and Parmesan cheese. They were a delight.

The tiramisu served at Tony and Luigi’s was a dessert worth the calories. It was light, sweet, with a flavor of mascarpone and coffee. I might have preferred it to have more cake (or lady fingers), but the lack of same made this particular tiramisu somewhat unique and it did not disappoint.


Chance said...

Hi, came across your blog through Taco Journalism. Looks like I'll have fun reading about your restaurant experiences. Feel free to check out my food review blog.

just a girl... said...

wow this place was so blah to me, I would be interested to know what you think about Paisianos in Georgetown