Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Original Porky's of Fredericksburg Texas

I like Porky’s. I really do.

The folks running the place (apparently the owners) do an outstanding job of getting your order to you quickly - in fact they do it so fast that biting into an onion ring will sear the skin right off the roof of your mouth.

And, by the way those onion rings are absolutely outstanding. Coated with a perfectly seasoned batter, and cooked to a golden brown they alone make the visit to Porky’s worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the same over the top quality does not extend to the burgers.

It’s not that my burger, a "Porky’s Special", was bad it’s just that it could have been so much better. The fresh bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and slices of thick cut bacon are not to be faulted. However, the patty sadly was sorely lacking. A dull gray in color the thing had been compressed so firm it reminded of a hockey puck, and was woefully deficient in juiciness.

In fact, but for the patty the burgers at The Original Porky’s would be great. OK, I am well aware that’s that is a mighty large but, but really Porky’s has so much going for it that I will certainly return. Maybe I will even speak to the owner about those patties.

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