Friday, January 4, 2008

I’ll Take the Usual

The best little burger chain in the entire universe is In-N-Out Burger. Their patties are made from never frozen ground beef. They use good quality lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. The buns are nothing special, but they do taste fresh. Their fries are made from fresh whole potatoes, sliced on location. Sadly, they only have restaurants in a few western States.

In spite of everything I appreciate about the In-N-Out Burger company I would much rather find a locally owned place that makes a good burger, and go there time after time, to the point that when I enter they recognize me, know my name, and I can say, “I’ll take the Usual”.

In Georgetown, Texas, with BB’s closed, my hamburger place of choice is Monument Café on Austin Avenue. I am not yet to the point where I can say, I’ll take the usual, but nothings perfect.


Fast Food Maven said...

Hey there Road Food Maven. I am the Fast Food Maven. Welcome to the world of food blogging.

RoadFoodMaven said...


Thanks for the welcome.

After I read your comment I took a quick look at your very impressive blog.

I look forward to reading your postings.


Spoot said...

Greetings, RFM! If you have been a long time resident of Gtown, then maybe you had a chance to eat at the Wild Rose? I can't remember the cook's name, but I remember his bare feet. The hamburgers were only to be matched by the rhubarb pies. Essentially a kitchen and dining room house. Small town hospitality and eats can't be beat. We still miss it.

In Virginia, Richmond, Charlottesville and the NoVA area have Five Guys. Similar outfit as In and Out, fresh spuds and meats, peanuts in the shell for snacking on. Recommended if you find yourself in the area.

Good travels!

RoadFoodMaven said...


I have indeed been to FGFB&F, and it was terrific. I have added a posting accordingly.

I do not remember a Wild Rose in Gtown, TX, but will investigate.

Thanks for the reminder.