Wednesday, December 12, 2007

King of Road Food

Hamburgers represent the king of road food, and the moments spent eating good burgers are to be reverently remembered.

A patty of fresh ground beef, cooked on a well seasoned griddle until the outside has color and crust. Placing the patty in a sliced bun, toasted on the same griddle, and wrapping the assembled sandwich in waxed paper, is a hamburger in its most basic and fundamental form.

Fold back the wrapping, savor the aroma, and bite through the soft bun with its thin crunch of toast, into the beef, likewise both crunch and soft.

If desired, thin slices of onion, and smears of mayonnaise on both of the bun’s toasted surfaces, may be the condiments.

All washed down with hot black coffee. Nothing else is necessary.

Eat a burger like this and you may never go back to using ketchup and mustard.

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