Friday, December 14, 2007

Trailer Trash, I Don't Think So

What better way to be able to enjoy road food then to stay on the road for longer periods. Well, with my 28' Airstream I certainly can.

My most recent trip was to Fredericksberg, Texas about 120 miles from Georgetown.

Fredericksberg is a lovely place to visit, several restaurants serving German/American food, and at least one darn good bakery. But my favorite place is a small burger shack named Porky's located on the far West side of town. Their burgers are large, served hot, fully dressed including sliced tomatoes, several leafs of crisp iceberg lettuce, and thick slices of onion. To me a burger covered diced tomatoes, pieces of chopped onion and lettuce taste like Chinese food.

Hey, calm down, I love Chinese food, just not on my burger.

Fredericksberg is also the home of the Museum of the Pacific War. It is a privately owned museum, with over 1000 exhibits, and well worth visiting. Going there gave me an opportunity to remember friends and relatives that participated in some of the horrendous battles that took place in the Pacific during WWII.

Check out their web site at:

By the way, I tow the 3.5 ton Airstream with a 5.7L, 381 HP, 2007, Crew Max Limited Toyota Tundra.

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